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Una luz en el interior

A first volume of light inside, which contains three works by J. J. Benitez originally published in the 1980s.
Dreams, the first book of essays the author, was published in 1982. Thirty-four years later, the message of hope of Navarre writer is still alive; more alive than ever. The Other Shore (1986) could be considered the second part of Dreams. Impossible to describe it. It would Juanjo Benitez before a poet, philosopher and painter palabras.El testament of San Juan (1989) was the first book denouncing J. J. Benitez. In him the last and dramatic testimony of a disciple is stated that manipulóel message from the Master. Book liable for the doubters.

Una luz en el interiorAuthor: J.J Benítez
Year: 2016
Genre: Science
Editorial: Planeta



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