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Uno siempre cambia al amor de su vida

A book and non-book and a notebook and a completion exercise and a list of spiritual needs …

This handbook for surviving a broken heart is a guide filled with love, tenderness, honesty and true emotional wisdom to overcome any break and, above all, to assume that it is okay to be wrong.

Faced with the demands of love and happiness, Amalia Andrade has thought of a book that takes on the emotional failure as something that is repeated many times in life and, therefore, should be seen as normal.

The key is to manage the sadness seems to say this book, which offers a comprehensive roadmap from the inconsolable crying to recovery.

Uno siempre cambia al amor de su vidaRelease Date: 09/09/2015
200 pages
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-958-42-4628-8
Author: Amalia Andrade



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